Simply replace 2 meals a day and your 30 day program is virtually no additional cost to your budget!

Because you will replace 2 of your meals a day on this program with the shakes, you wont be spending that money on groceries or drive thru meals! (not to mention the time you’ll save grabbing lunch)

Here’s the math for the entire 30 day cleanse/meal program:   Say you spend $4.53 per meal x 2 a day = $9.02 per day. Take that money and put towards your 30 day program and you'll probably see it’s no additional cost from what your currently spending on empty calories.  PLUS the cleanse and snacks are also included in the cost of the 30 day program so its like getting them for free! 

Bottom line, the shake meals by themselves are only $2.79 PER MEAL!!! (That’s cheaper than Taco Bell!) 

So literally, it could save you money if your eating out twice a day!

All backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

What have you got to lose but excess weight inches? 

Give it a TRY!

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