Lose the Fat YOU want to...NOW! and KEEP IT OFF!

This is more than just some weight loss products that you have to guess how to use and hope for the best. It’s a complete 9 day and 30 day system that walks you thru the first 9 days of an intensive, yet gentle cleanse (a 2 day fast and a 1 day fast again on the 9th day) and then provides 2 delicious meal replacement shakes a day for the rest of the 30 days. 

You get detailed instructions each of the days, what specific products to take at what time and when to eat which type of food or snack. Also you get to eat  1 regular cooked meal a day so your not deprived. (lunch or dinner, and you decide what to cook.) No meal plans or special menus to follow! Even on the fasting days you are eating small snacks formulated to cleanse and nourish the body to keep you from getting so hungry and to help keep your blood sugar stabilized. You even get chocolate!!

I noticed my sugar cravings vanished after the first 2 days of fasting. This was something I had never experienced! Plus, I did this program with a fractured leg! I couldn’t exercise and I still released 20 lbs of stubborn visceral (omentum) fat and 4” off my belly.  

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